DigiTech logo Genesis settings

For this to mean anything,
you'll need a DigiTech Genesis 3 effects processor.
Other wise it'll probably be gibberish!

E9 Peavey Two Amp Settings

Press Warp knob until green shows.
Amplifier – More
Warp – Green
Cabinet – 57 Tweed 1x12

Bass – 0
Mid – 0
Treble- 0

Gain – 15
Amp Level – 85

Press edit button and remove all effects you don’t want by using DATA/PRESET knob in upper right hand corner to switch to off.
Press edit button until readout says “DELAY.”
Use (DATA/PRESET) knob to select “ON.”

The 5 little knobs across the top mid section: SPEED/AMOUNT – DEPTH - MOD LEVEL - DELAY LEVEL and REVERB LEVEL, adjust the characteristics of the effect both before and after you program the effect.
Use the Speed/Amount knob to set P1, or the type of delay to “Spread.”
Set the Depth knob or P2, to 380ms.
The Mod Level knob (P3) is for “Feedback.” Set it to 22.
Use the Delay Level knob to set P4, the Delay Spread (Dlyspd), to 50.
Use Reverb Level knob to set P5, (Dlylvl) to 42.
Once set, press edit button until red selector light goes back to the top of effects selections and you should be out of the program mode.

To save the effect, press the store button and use the DATA/PRESET knob to change letters to name your effect. EDIT button moves letter selection to the right and TAP/IT, to the left. Once named, press store again and use DATA/PRESET knob to select a number to save your effect. If you wish to keep it in that position, press store again and program will be saved at that number.

To get to the UTILITY section, press the AMP SAVE and STORE buttons, simultaneously.
Press EDIT button once and the readout should be STEREO. Leave it on Stereo.
Press EDIT button again and you’ll see DIRECT. This is an option for studio direct or amp sound. Turn upper right knob, DATA/PRESET to select #2, or Fx 1 x 2.
Numbers 2, 4, and 6 are the cleanest but number 2 seems to work best for my Legrande guitar. The other settings are a bit thicker, but slightly darker sounding. Press AMP SAVE and STORE simultaneously buttons to exit the UTILITY section.

This configuration is for the Peavey 1000 amp with all knobs straight up (flat setting) which allows all tone adjustments on the amp or the Genesis to start from the zero position.
At home, I use a Peavey Nashville 400 as a second amp (all flat setting) and the sound is great.
I must say that I use a Goodrich LDR volume pedal which does make a difference in the sound.
The Genesis 3 is one of the more user-friendly, but for those of you who aren’t used to dealing with multi effects units, this should help take some of the sting out of setting it.

Genesis 3 Preset #2