For obvious reasons, they're only available in black.  (They sound better!)  
"The Black Shirt!"               "The Black Shirt!" close up design...
  (The shirt wasn't laying flat when I snapped the pictures.)  
If you want a ďBlack ShirtĒ now is the time.

Please read thru the directions carefully. I want you to get your shirts without a hassle. Thanks!

* Iím sorry I wonít be doing orders from outside the United States at this time.*

All sizes will be available because Iíll be taking the orders first and then having the shirts made. (4X or 5X might take a few days longer, as my shirt guy may need to order some.) I hope to have all the shirts packaged and mailed to reach you as soon as possible. Please order the size you want. Sizing runs fairly true. If youíre in doubt order a size larger. Sorry, I wonít have extra shirts in stock to exchange if they donít fit.

Iíll be taking orders thru June 26, 2022. On the following Monday the 27th shirts will be ordered and per an agreement with my shirt guy, I canít amend the order after I place the order.

Payment will need to be done thru PayPal. (I apologize to anybody who doesnít have PayPal. At this time itís a necessary evil. Sorry...)

Each shirt: $25.00
Sizes 4X & 5X add $2.00.

(Shirt cost went up a couple dollars a piece. This time I wonít raise the price, but the next batch will have to go up to $28Ö Order now to save a little).

Postal costs: The shipping for one shirt is $9.20. Additional shirts add $5.00 for each additional shirt. I averaged the shipping cost because of the wide range or costs. Having an averaged shipping charge will be a good deal for some of you and be a tad high for others. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

1 Shirt $25. + $9.20 = $34.20
2 Shirts $50. + $14.20= $64.20
3 Shirts $75. + $16.25 = $91.25
4 Shirts $100. + $16.25= $116.25

3-7 shirts Iíll use a flat rate mailer which postage cost $16.25.

If youíre ordering more than 7 shirts mail me and Iíll get you a price.

Payment should be made via PayPal to:

In the PayPal comment section please include your shipping address and the size(s) you want of the shirts, along with the quantity, if ordering multiples.


Any orders that donít include shipping, as indicated, will be cancelled and payment refunded.

After I pick up the shirts I will post on the FaceBook pages, (Buddy Emmons Fans & Buddy Emmons Licks). Shipping should follow a day or two later, depending on volume and my schedule.

BE ADVISED: If supply chain issues arise I will attempt to keep everybody apprised as to whatís going on.
Now, if you're like me, go back and read the parts you skimmed over...

My best to all!