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Re: 17.5k pickups?

From: Buddy
Date: 11 May 2002
Time: 14:53:46


What I meant by better was that the black Legrande with 20ks was muddy and the 17.5s allowed better definition of the intervals on both necks. As for the P/P comparison, the Legrande has a fundamental sound similar to that of my push pull but the timbre changes on both guitars at different areas of the fretboard. At the same amp settings, the Legrande defines the high end better from the 1st to around the 11th fret. From there, the push pull gradually takes over. For tunings, the P/P has a sweeter and more transparent sound across strings 1 through 10 on the E9th but the Legrande has the edge over the P/P on the C6th tuning. All pickups are Emmons single coil and the P/P's are 20K, so it may not have been a fair test for the push pull but I was satisfied with the results.

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