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Re: "An Eye For An Eye"

From: Buddy
Date: 05 May 2002
Time: 19:20:22


That would be the correct way to play the ascending and descending line without the full lower. I first used it on the intro to Touch My Heart, another Ray Price song. I've been lowering the two Es one half tone since 1964 and the D# whole tone lower since 1962 or maybe even earlier. The F# to G# was on my guitar in 1974 and the first Recording I used it on was Darrell McCall's, "Pins and Needles" in 1975. So, most of the setup on my present guitar were changes I put on from 1962 to 1968, including the B (6th string) to A lower. I lower the Bs to Bb and keep enough leverage to lower the top B to A when I want to use the change, so it always appears as Bs to Bb in my pedal charts. Some of today's players put it on the G# to F# lower, but both changes work much better when separated.

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