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Re: Still a Boxing fan?

From: Buddy
Date: 02 May 2002
Time: 10:46:42


I never was a boxer but still follow the sport. My favorite memory regarding boxing was when bantamweight champion Lionel Rose got me tickets to his title fight in Los Angeles. It was during one of the preliminaries that I first saw George Forman fight. Lionel was an aborigine from Australia and unfortunately lost his title to Reuben Olivares that night but I recorded a country album with him before he left town, which was the reason he had called me. I later saw him while touring in Australia and he was retired from boxing and ran a used car lot. I've also had the pleasure of meeting Evander Holyfield during the Church Street Station TV show and Muhammad Ali at the Johnny Carson show. I was working for Roger Miller and had my bass strapped around my neck when I shook hands with Ali. He smiled and said, "I'm good enough that I could play bass, but I'm too busy ducking my face."

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