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Re: Approach to learning a new song

From: Buddy
Date: 02 May 2002
Time: 10:11:13


What goes through my mind while playing a great solo is usually, "Wow, how in the hell did I do that," but before then is another thing. On some occasions, I'll work on solo before I record a song, but for the most part, I structure the basics and leave the rest to improvising. Pre structuring a solo and playing it note for note is a way of presenting yourself as flawless but I personally like to hear a player that sounds like he's thinking for himself at the time. That often leads to weaving through a few minor glitches, but if the overall timing and selection of notes is good, it gives a better sense of the player's feel for music and ability to improvise. So what I'm thinking about during a solo is dependent upon where I am on neck, the selection of notes in that position, and will I have the ear to recover if I stray beyond the boundaries.

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