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Re: Have you heard the SIB Echodrive pedal?

From: Brad Sarno
Date: 01 May 2002
Time: 13:22:49


Glad to hear you're getting a tube amp. I've gone back to my 69 Twin, all recapped and with a Black Widow in it. If you have any say in the design, see if you can have the effects loop made to allow you to mix in the effects signal and not actually run your whole guitar signal thru the Lexicon. See, when you go THRU the Lexicon, you are converting your signal to digital, processing it, and then reconverting it back to analog. I'm a mastering engineer and and audiophile and I swear that something gets lost in the conversion. The Lexicon sounds very clean for digital but it's still digital. If you have a parallel effects loop built into your amp, you can then keep your guitar signal path pure the whole way to the speaker and the effects loop would merely "mix in" the effects with your pure signal. Also consider the impedance issue. A pickup has no problem driving a volume pot, BUT a volume pot by the nature of what happens to the impedance when the volume is below full, has a harder time driving a long run of cable. I've found the George L's to be such low impedance that it's not a big issue if your cord from the pedal to the amp is say less than 12'. The reason I like this SIB tube pedal so much is that I can keep it right by my volume pedal, just inches after the volume pot so there is no loss of tone that some experience from a passive volume pedal. What's the tube amp you're gettin? Thanks, Brad Sarno St. Louis

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