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Re: Songwriting

From: Buddy
Date: 28 Apr 2002
Time: 19:20:14


Willie Nelson and I were sitting across from each other in a booth and having a beer when a stranger walked up and sat down next to me. I thought he was Willie's friend and Willie though he was a friend of mine, so we continued to talk. Willie saw him nudge me several times to move over and shrugged his shoulders to tell me he didn't know the guy, so I looked at him and said, "Are you about where you want to be?" He said yes and I said, "Are you sure?" I don't remember what I said to get him to leave but after he did, Willie said, "Good song title." I asked him what he was talking about and he said, "'are you sure.' I'll write it and give you half." I told him it was just a title and he didn't have to do that and he smiled and said, "A title is as good as a song." He wrote it and a few months later Ray Price recorded it. My name wasn't on the original record but I received my half of the royalties through the publishing company. Credit for both names appeared when it was re-released but I don't remember if it had my full name or just a B for Buddy. If just a B, everybody will think Bobby Emmons wrote that song too, so what the heck. I'm just sorry that Willie and I didn't drink beer together more often. I could have had a hell of a reputation as a co-writer by now.

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