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Sho-Bud identification...

From: Brandon Schafer
Date: 27 Apr 2002
Time: 21:51:24


Dear Buddy, I have just acquired my first pedal steel guitar and I really love playing it! I know it is a Sho Bud, but that is about it. If you might be able to tell me the model and approximate age by my discription, I'd greatly appreciate it! It is a double neck E9, C6, with 4 knee levers and eight pedals. On the left end underneath on the fram it reads 1-A-3 and 6410. It also says 6410 on the wood next to the frame. The sticker underneath reads "Music City Mfg. Inc. Nashville, Tenn. 37201 Model No. 6164-C... I can't make out the serial #, but it was inspected by Pat Murphy. It has been refinished green (may have been original color, don't know), so there are no Sho Bud decals. The metal necks have no finish or binding on them and the "card suit" markers. The body has one line of binding on the front and two on the back. If replacement Sho Bud decals are available, let me know... Thanks for your time and consideration. This steel is the best! Sincerely, Brandon Schafer (

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