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Long time Fan!!

From: Gary Trego
Date: 26 Apr 2002
Time: 11:51:08


Buddy, Just wanted to let you know that I am a long time fan, and was delighted after finding this site several months ago. It is so very gracious of you to answer questions and allow other pickers to pick your brain, so that ohter steel pickers can gain such valuable insight and knowledge about our insurment of choice. It says volumes about your kindness and compassion for others, not mention your never ending patience with all who submit questions. Many kudo's to you and thanks for feeding so many hungry minds!! Your comments about Pat Marino's influence on you has now got me keeping my eye out for some of his recordings. Any recomendations that might be some of your favorites? BTW, do you remember a guitar player by the name of Scotty Anderson? He played with HW on his set when you done a mini PSG show at Bobby Mackies in Northern KY. (near Cincinatti) back in the late 80's. You were there and was sitting at your guitar in the back part of the audience section, warming up your fingers when Herby let him take his first solo. As usual my eyes were pretty well glued to you and I was watching at that particular moment. You head jerked around so fast to look in the direction of the stage that I thougt you might need a neck brace to finish out the day. :) He has a CD out called "Triple Stop", It's KILLER! If your interested, I'll buy one and send it to ya, or point you in the right direction. I don't have a lot of non-steel insrutmental albums in my collection, but this is a keeper. Sorry didn't mean to ramble on like this and tout anything other than steel here, but that just happend to be what was in the CD player at the time I wrote this. Thanks for the many years of pleasure and enjoyable listening, and those still to come,along with the years of flustration of trying to figure out the heck you done all those songs and licks. Ok, I'll quit now and give you all a break. :) Apologies for rambling on.

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