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Re: Only 4-knnes but 9 floors

From: Buddy
Date: 24 Apr 2002
Time: 10:48:51


Moving the pedals to the right is a good idea if you can adjust your knee levers accordingly. My primary reason for not having done what you have in mind is because of pedals 5 through 7 being most suitable my knee lever positions and I didn't want to go through what it would have taken to change the levers. Having said that, the Bs to Bb would work in the 4th position, although a bit awkward jumping from pedal 1 to 4 when the move is called for. Another suggestion would be the 1st string F# to G# or the top B to A. Unless you play with both feet, the A to Ab C6th change at the fourth position wouldn't work with your new pedal six. If you wanted that combination, I would put it next to the new pedal 6 and put the new pedal 5 in the pedal 4 position. I'm saying this under the assumption that your setup will be similar to the Blade diagram.

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