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Only 4-knnes but 9 floors

From: Larry Harlan
Date: 24 Apr 2002
Time: 09:11:43


Hi Buddy, Thanks for the compedent on the Blade. I'm redoing the mechanics on my old 67 Sho-Bud Fingertip to hopefully make it more dependable and playable, mainly with new bell cranks and longer knee levers. Q: How essential is it to get the E9th, 5-10 string B to -Bb lower pulls? With only 4-knees but 9 floors pedals, and no room for a LKR reverser on C6th up underneth I've considered moving the std. C6th setup from Pedals 4 thru 8 to 5 thru 9. This would leave the 4th pedal free for something. But I see where you have stuck with the 8th floor pedal lower of 9 & 10 strings (Blade) and string 10 (LeGrand). With only 3-knee capability on the C6th, how would you do the C6th knee pulls and the 4th pedal? Would the 4th pedal be better used as something for the E9th, i.e. the 5-10 string B to -Bb, or used for something better on C6th. Appreciate any thoughts you might have. Thanks for the Q & A page. It's wonderful.

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