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Re: Chuck Lettes

From: Buddy
Date: 22 Apr 2002
Time: 09:52:49


Hi Chuck. I have an Adat 8 track recorder and some outboard effects for sound enhancement but don't do a lot of recording except when testing equipment. Unless you have a killer pre-amp guitar sound I recommend going straight into the board and adding effects later when mixing. You can use effects on a return send while recording so you'll have the sound you like without printing it to tape. It amounts to better control over reverbs, delays or other sounds you might want to add to certain parts of the song when mastering. My digital reverb is a Korg DRV 2000 and the delays are Lexicon MPX 1 or PCM 80, but there are many processors out there for less money that would do the job for home recording. The Lexicon MPX 1 is a spare and the Korg unit is an item of mine that was piled up at Bud-Mart, so it ended up in my home studio rack.

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