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Re: chromaticism

From: Buddy
Date: 20 Apr 2002
Time: 15:40:36


I assume you want the chromatics to be on separate strings instead of using your bar or pedals to fill in some of the notes. If that's the case, I can only suggest lowering the E (4th) to Eb, the D# (2nd) to D, and using the B to C# pedal with them. Strings 6 through 9 are whole tones apart and require a one fret movement forward or back of each string with the bar for eight chromatic notes. Or I sometimes lower the wound F# to F with the G# to F# knee lever for three separate chromatic notes E, F, and F#. An example of that sound is on the Tab/E9 Licks/Middle Tuning Chromatics section of this website.

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