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Re: Jimmy Day

From: Buddy
Date: 20 Apr 2002
Time: 09:36:36


I've never had a brother but Jimmy was as close as I could imagine being one. That meant we had our differences too, but being able to weather those rare times is what bonded us that much closer. My fondest memories of Jimmy are his honesty, warped sense of humor, and his attempts to catch me off guard in front of others. For example, we were in a club with three musicians at our table, and Jimmy said, "Buddy, when I came to Nashville, you had been here about six months and I thought you were a great player, and I wasn't too shabby myself." I knew by his delivery, he was working toward an attempted coup so I prepared myself. "But," he continued, "in the last year you'll have to admit that I've learned a lot more on pedals than you have." Without hesitation, I said, "Yes Jimmy. I believe you have." I let him beam from ear to ear as he looked at our guests, then added, "…but I haven't had anybody to learn from." Jimmy's face got red and he chalked an imaginary number one in the air, which was his way of giving me a point for my side. Yes he was rowdy and I was rowdy, and that loose canon relationship with each other was what kept our egos in tact. My favorite Dayism of all time is when someone asked Jimmy if he played the Night Life intro on the Ray Price record. His answer was "No, but I could have." He was one of a kind and anyone that knew him well, misses him dearly.

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