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Re: Changing strings

From: Buddy
Date: 16 Apr 2002
Time: 09:37:21


Thanks Joe. I keep a supply of unwound strings at the house to replace the dead ones every couple of weeks or so. I change all of them a couple of days before a major job and play for an hour or so each day to get them seated. If I'm changing a pickup and not sure about it, I take the entire set off and limit the replaced strings to unwound, such as E, B, and G# on the E9th neck. If I like the sound on the top end, I'll put the rest of the strings on. Most of the time I clip all the strings off on one neck and put 1 through 5 on first and 10 through six, last. On the road, I changed after fifteen hours of use when possible. The Everly show was fast paced so I made sure I never broke a string on stage, and haven't in 13 years. I use George L strings that are a cross between their Tension Balanced gauges and Nashville gauges. The E-9th gauges are .012, .016, .011, .014, .018, .022, .026, .028, .034, and .038. The C-6th gauges are .016, .014, .017, .020, .026, .030, .036, .042, .058, and .079CW. The CW stands for compound wound.

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