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The Blade

From: Larry Harlan
Date: 11 Apr 2002
Time: 12:28:39


Considering "The Blade," (this may be really gettin gold to you by now--and I apologize if it is), but I've read some on "the forum" and saw "The Blade" referred to a lot. Tell us about "The Blade" since it has the sound that so many of us chase after. Wasn't it pretty much a stock guitar put out by Emmons guitar Co. then? It was E9th/C6th, push-pull?, and what?, 8 x 4 (or 5?), with your Emmons setup? But what did it have that made the Emmons "Black Album" and so many other recordings have that edge we all chase after. AND, since "push-pulls" or "that" guitar is only avaliable in a used way, what new manufacture guitar in an all pull will equal "The Blade" in a modern way for sound and durability? Buddy, THANK YOU for all you've done for pedal steel. I remember when I heard you were playing bass for Roger Miller. My heart broke. Thank Heavens you returnd to Nashville and continued.

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