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Re: Harmonics

From: Buddy
Date: 11 Apr 2002
Time: 09:23:31


I use the knuckle of the pinkie for harmonics. When I started learning in 1948, there were only two ways harmonics were played, and both were uncomfortable to me, so the pinkie method was an experiment to keep the hand in a more normal position over the strings. When you start, curl the pinkie under and visualize an imaginary string running from your pick to the knuckle, and that should be the position of your hand when you place it over the string. I recall I had better luck stabbing at the string in a downward motion at first rather than try to pick across. I also remember my hand being very tense, which is necessary to keep the proper alignment between thumb and pinkie. In time, your accuracy will increase and the tension will go away.

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