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Re: Minor Chord

From: Buddy
Date: 10 Apr 2002
Time: 10:45:46


I'm not sure if you're referring to melody chords or a solo line, but the first four chords are Cm, Cm (Major 7), Cm7, and Cm6, so the first chord would not require a dominant 7th. If you were talking about a solo line for the first four chords, an easy melody line for single notes or chords in C minor would be C _ G F -- B _ G F -- Bb _ F Eb - A _ _ _. The numbers and bottom lines represent quarter notes and the lines in the middle separate the bars. Theoretically, all minors beyond the minor 7th have a 7th in the foundation, but that doesn't mean you have to play the seventh. A major chord example is the 13th chord, which theoretically has an 11th interval that is rarely ever played.

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