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From: Ted Solesky
Date: 09 Apr 2002
Time: 01:07:06


Hi, Just a quick thank you for all the great licks that inspired me through the years. I wish that I had a chart to make this easier. I strumbled into this when I was breaking in a string that I was changing. Going to a 1chord from a 5 (D chord). I use only the 5th & 8th strings sarting out on the 2nd frett with the F knee lever. Let go of it before I slide to the 3rd frett and press the A pedal & continue slide to 5th frett. Before sliding to the 6th frett, A is still pressed, add D knee lever and swing to F knee (D lowers 4&8). Slide to 8th frett (let go of A before hitting 8th frett)and do the same D to F knee lever swing. Slide to 10th frett and hit F knee after getting there. Then hit the 7th and 5th strings (mute) then the 6th & 5th strings and then add B pedal. The hit the 2nd and 5th strings hit & let go of the A pedal and then hit the pedal that drops the 5th string a whole tone while the 2nd string is still ringing. I hope my lay-out made sense. We have a couple of mutual friends. Skip from N.C. and Wally from Pa. Again, thank you for the great music. Ted Solesky

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