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Scale patterns

From: C. Day
Date: 07 Apr 2002
Time: 14:52:51


Hello Buddy. This weekend I have been studying scales using some info I surfed into on the web. After making out a 10X12 grid and inserting the chromatic tones, in numbers, for E9th,I notice you can find single note scale runs virtually all over the fret board. One could almost play single notes at random in any key and still be right. So, my question is: Is that sort of the way you lay down all those lightening licks; you know, find those pockets and just stir it all up? If one got really good at it like you are, you could just blaze away and almost be thinking of something else at the same time. Aw, I know it isn't quite that easy, or we'd all be doing it. But it is interesting what it looks like when you diagram it. Thanks for your time and knowledge...C.D.

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