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Re: Pickup question

From: Buddy
Date: 30 Mar 2002
Time: 10:56:18


Dancetown 66? Heh, heh! Now you're scaring me, Dave. I don't want to blister paint but I am, as you said, experimenting to find a cleaner tone without the Match Box. There's a theoretical limit to faithful reproduction of an instrument and in my opinion, 20k goes beyond that limit for the Emmons guitar. I've had experience with pickups from 12 to 20k but my favorite recording tone over the years has been in the 16 to 17.5k range, so I'm not worried about the high end of 16k. I'll just make sure I don't use the same amp I used at Dancetown USA. :-) Incidentally, our friend Mike Cass tells me you're getting a great sound with E-66s, so before I get the soldering iron out, I'd be tickled pink if you and Mike could come to the house so I could play your guitar through my equipment.

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