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Things to do

From: C. Day
Date: 29 Mar 2002
Time: 15:32:20


Hi Buddy. Seems everyone has ideas about things you could do to make us all happy. Well, let me toss in an idea or two and help mind your business (grin & wink);) Why couldn't you someway revive the 60's P/P Emmons, have em built, call em "Big E"and sell bunches? And/or make about 3 instrumental CDs/year and sell em on your site, or put out a book of tabs on all your great instrumentals since day 1. You have thousands of fans out here and we'd all love to be able to buy such things as mentioned above. That way you could stay in the business at your own pace, not have to travel,and still satisify all us steelers hungry for Emmons sounds, products, and instruction. If you ever need a promoter. call me (big grin here)

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