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Pickup question

From: Herb Steiner
Date: 29 Mar 2002
Time: 14:52:44


Whaddaya think, the Ford F-150 or the Dodge Ram? :-) No, seriously... on my favorite '65 redbelly I have p'ups that measure 15.5k and it's a great sounding horn. I do also have a great playing '65 that has 20K's in it and while the thing plays great and tight, the tone is just a little "fat" for me. You mentioned elsewhere that if the horn has 20's in it, try a Goodrich box. I've never used one (other than occasionally using the Match-Bro I bought off your guitar at the Dallas Jamboree in '92... if you remember that episode :-)...) SO FINALLY MY QUESTION: what will a Goodrich box do to make my 20's sound more like my 15's, and which Goodrich box are we talking about? I never keep the Match-bro inline since I feel it changes the natural sound of the axe, incidentally. Whew!... I'll stop now and let you answer...

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