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It's The first time

From: Bobby
Date: 22 Mar 2002
Time: 15:13:43


There where a lot of great players on that LP.But as usual you ruled.I could tell you where having fun by just listening.You are one of the few if not the only PSG player that conveys this to the listener.I guess this is an observation not a question.Sorry I'll try to think up something hard for you to answer.Oh heres an easy one.You where using a compressor on the solo of Heart of A Clown?Going Out Swinging CD right?? I guess you didn't care for it,(The darker mids) since you changed guitar brands.I know there where other reasons to.But I loved the C6th tone you had going on that record.E9th wasn't bad either. But the Heart Of A Clown tone as well as all the C6th just kills me. Thanks-----bb Yes readers I know it's mostly in the hands.But equipment can color ones tone.

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