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Re: The 'best' push/pulls...

From: Buddy
Date: 20 Mar 2002
Time: 00:27:29


It seems like it was forever being "developed," but the best sounding push pulls were manufactured from 1964 through 1966 or 67. Other than a bolt-on model that appeared within that time frame, all guitars were made with what is referred to as the wraparound neck. The 1968 rosewood P/P I used for years (The Blade) was the first guitar I played that had the end of wraparound neck cut out and replaced with an aluminum insert. Also, the pedal rod end bearings were replaced with a cost saving hex shaped connection. Other alterations to follow were changing the cutaway back to a straight edge and replacing the cast aluminum pedals with pedals made from injection molds. The old cutaway design was brought back but by then the trademark sound of the original models was lost. My 68 model and others to follow were good sounding guitars, but the general consensus is that the first three to four years were the prime years for the sound.

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