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Would You accept my apology

From: Leon Roberts
Date: 19 Mar 2002
Time: 12:21:24


Buddy, I want to apologize for my post on "Metal neck screws". The heavy weights and metamucil were contrived as a feeble attempt,on my part,to inject some comic relief in my post. It was far from what actually happened. In fact, I have never received any derogatory comments from the few pickers that I've shared this with. One of the finest players in this area tried loosening his screws after hearing about it from a good friend of mine. His conclusion was a increase in cabinet drop, or flex. This was the reason for my question. This guy is a very fine player and has a sweet tone. I have a lot of respect for him as a player, Husband and Father. This leads me to conclude that his screws were at the proper torque when he started. I want to once again offer my deepest apology. In the future, I will leave the funny stuff to others. Leon

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