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Re: Pennington & Emmons Music

Date: 18 Mar 2002
Time: 22:26:16


Bill: Ray sold the Step One company a year or so ago so he's not involved in the music business except for producing the last Gene Watson album. Otherwise he tends to his farm and takes it easy. Ray's one of the best country producers I've worked with and I know he would appreciate your words. I don't think we'll be doing any more recording though, mostly because with Step One gone, there is no label or distribution facilities. CDs like the swing series involve brass sections and arrangements on top of the basic musician fees, which would be an out of pocket expense that neither of us would care to invest in today. I would have considered doing something on my own a year ago, but with Internet piracy the way it is, it's hardly worth plowing the money in to. Thanks for asking and take care… Buddy

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