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The Blade Pickups

From: Bruce Hamilton
Date: 15 Mar 2002
Time: 04:06:29


I hope this question is not too intrusive but this has been on my mind for years. The recordings you made with the blade in the 70s and 80s have a very unique sound. In fact they would probably be considered your signature sound. For me the feature that stands out is the amount of highs from this guitar. In the mid 80s I decided I would buy a Emmons Push Pull guitar and it would sound just like this(using the settings you gave for your Peavey amp in Steel Guitar Magazine). Immediately what found is these guitars have an enormous(to say the least!) mid range along with the highs. So began the process of ordering pickups with less windings. I eventually ended up at 16000ohms(which I really like) however unless I run the guitar with the three way switch in the middle position it does not produce anywhere near the highs of the blade. Again I don't want to be intrusive but I am really curious as to what windings were on the blade.

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