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Forum picture ?

From: Bobby
Date: 13 Mar 2002
Time: 00:18:18


Buddy,I noticed a pic Bob Knight took of you Sat nite.In the pic your thumb was raised up in the air.Was this just a thumbs up pose? Or does your thumb have a tendency to draw upwards? I ask this because I suffer from writers cramp dystonia.I spent 2 years unable to use my thumb to play because it tended to draw upwards.I realize you have arthritis.But wondered if you have been tested for dystonia?The picture and a couple of things you said hit home to me.Lazy thumb,it's easier to play if you keep it close together.The spreads hurt you the most.And are hardest to finger.For me on a bad day, even the easiest spreads can be a problem.And forget about the Pat Martino licks.I don't mean to play doctor.I'm sure you have the best.But sometimes even the best miss things.Anyway best of luck and I look forward to hearing the show.Just hope I can find it. My best Bobby Boggs

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