It's a 20 string double neck Emmons steel with the E9th tuning tuned in octaves.
Talk about a collectors item!  I wonder where it is today?

The Shoo~Bug!

Buddy sent me this courtesy of his son, Buddie Emmons.

I left the date on the side so you can see when it was taken.  "Feb 65"

Buddy had this to say about it:

"I needed the guitar in a hurry for the Singing Strings album, so with Ron Lashley not having a cabinet that would accommodate the length of the neck, I had him mount it on a D-10 body, which caused the keyhead to hang out over the end of the guitar. I was in such a hurry I told Ron not to bother finishing the cabinet or polishing the end plates. To dress it up, I painted tiger stripes on the cabinet with a Magic Marker and hung a tiger tail on the protruding keyhead. For an added touch, I drew a pick guard on the front neck and took it to the session looking as it is in the picture."

Additional comments:
"Shot Jackson heard about my using a dual string guitar called "Shoo Bug" on the Singing Strings session so he went by the Columbia studio after we left and poured syrup on it. It left a sticky mess on the strings and fret board but by that time we had recorded the instrumental (which I can't remember the name), and I took the guitar home and cleaned it up."

"Most people wouldn't think it was playable to begin with by looking at the picture. The neat part about it was that it played as well and sounded as good as the dual string Sho~Bud Shot had put together at the time. I have no idea where it ended up."

Closer up
Close up of the Shoo~Bug
It just goes to prove that Buddy was (and still is,) ALWAYS thinking!