Buddy Emmons Q&A
Page Eight

An e-mail I sent to Buddy when a light went on in my head one night:

I wrote:
  This may sound stupid to you, but: I just realized you are "THE" Buddy Emmons.  The same guy that I've been trying to play like for an untold amount of years.  The same guy that designed, IMHO, the best damned steel guitar, yet.  The same guy that played with Dickens, ET and Price. I mean I knew that you were you, but something just clicked in my head. Sometimes, it just floors me.  Also, I wonder why it is, when I e-mail you, I can say just about anything and when I'm there in person, I get tongue-tied.  I'm at a loss.

He replied:
I don't know what to say Ernie. All I can suggest is that you gather your wits and treat me as you would any other great person.

I still laugh every time I think about it.