Buddy Emmons Q&A
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Do you or did you ever work on your own push-pull guitars? I never went to Burlington to help build my personal guitars but I always adjusted the action and travel of every new guitar I received.

What is your favorite steel guitar related memory? The Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville asked me to donate an artifact to their musician's display. I gave them a Derby and my first Sho~Bud.

What is your favorite memory (relating to anything)? My favorite memory is the day I found I could make money doing something I would have done for nothing.

How often do you change strings on each of your full time guitars? There's no one to impress at the house but Peggy, and she has a tin ear, so I don't change until I think a string is ready to break.

Do you change both necks at the same time? When I was with the Everly Brothers I would change both necks at the start of the tour. After that, it was around a week and a half between E9 changes and three weeks for C6.

Do you have a certain procedure you go thru for changing strings? No. I usually cut them all off at the same time. I've heard that's not the thing to do, but I have yet to find out why.

What kind of strings do you use and is there any particular reason why? I use George L strings. No particular reason other than they do the job.

What picks and bar are you using these days? I use old National finger picks, a D'Andrea thumb pick, and a BJS bar.

On the Sho~Bud guitars, how much did you come up with, as opposed to Shot? My contribution was the cabinet design, fret board design, and wooden neck insert. As for labor, I assembled the cabinets and finished them with lacquer. Shot did the metal work, pickup winding, and mounting of parts to the cabinet.

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