Lexicon MPX1 settings from Buddy

For this to mean anything,
you'll need a Lexicon MPX-1 effects processor.
Other wise it'll be gibberish!

"...the three settings I use on my MPX1 are mono and only one of them is reverb, and it's set for moderate to up tempos. Here goes for the reverb:
Reverb type - Hall
RVB Mix - 22% Level - + 1db
RVB Size - 52.0M Link - on
RVB Diff - 80% P Dly - 25ms
RVB Bass - 1.5x Decay - 1.30s
RVB X Ovr - 818 Rt HC 14.1K
RVB Shape - 88 Spred - 87

The ballad delay is:
Delay mix - 15% Level - 0 db
Delay time - 2:1 Feedback - +14%
Delay damp - 3%

My third delay is a sped up version of the above to keep from having to tap my way back to the two ballpark settings from song to song.